Q:  So what's up with the blog?
A:  Who knows?!

Q:  You still writing?
A:  Oh yeah, every day.

Q:  What have you written?
A:  One full-length play, a couple of one-act plays, four novels (one published), and a bunch of short stories. Oh, and I also worked on localization teams for a whole lot of video games.

Q:  Video games? Like what?
A:  Well, highlights include Hotel Dusk, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Katamari Forever, Tales of Graces f, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Fire Emblem Awakening, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Nier.

Q:  I never played Nier.
A:  Go buy it now.

Q:  Yeah, okay. What about the books?
A:  The first is sitting on my hard drive because it's not very good. The second is The Beautiful Land, which was published. Third is called Oakwood Falls, and fourth is tentatively called Tempest. Oakwood was a swing and a miss with publishers, and Tempest is...who knows? We'll see, I guess.

Q:  So tell me about The Beautiful Land. But make it 20 words or less, because I'm busy.
A:  An Iranian military translator and a Japanese survival expert take on a scientist who’s trying to end the world.

Q:  That sounds amazing! Where can it get it?
A:  It's out at the usual online suspects. Also check your library and/or used bookstore. Probably won't find it new anymore.

Q: Wait, what? You won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award?
A: Yeah, i know. Nuts, huh?

Q:  So when do we see more stuff?
A:  Soon, I hope.

Q:  This is the best FAQ ever.
A:  Glad you liked it.