Monday, January 7, 2013

ABNA Question Hour

Yes, yes. Long time, no blog. I know. There's actually an equation for this kind of long break between blog posts, and it goes something like this:

Holidays + Working on New Book x Dog + Trying to Finish Unread Books from Last Year x Far Cry 3 = I Don't Blog Very Much.  ...Or, if you prefer, H + NB(D) + URB(FC3) = Blargh.

However, it's a new year with new possibilities, and that's a fun thing. And one of those new possibilities is the ALL-NEW 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award! Yes, the same award that i stole last year. (...Did i say stole? Ha! I meant to say "thieved." Much more literary that way.) Also, the ABNA is not actually a possibility for me this year since I already stole it once, but it is a possibility for YOU! So if you've been thinking about the ABNA and wondering if that manuscript that's been sitting in of bottom of your desk is worth entering, the answer is YES! Yes, yes, yes. It's free for one, and for two, you could actually win the thing. I mean, look at me. I didn't think i had a chance in hell at this, but i entered the thing on a lark and now I'm driving a gold car and throwing dimes down on poor schoolchildren from the passenger seat of my new dirigible.*

*Not actually happening.

Anyway, off and on through the year, I've been getting emails from folks who saw that I won the contest and had some questions about the process. And I thought, Hey! It would be super-fun and perhaps veeeery slightly helpful if I were to answer these questions in blog form. It would be like a fun Q&A kind of thing, only with more random asides like this picture of two nerds blowing trumpets.

...That seriously makes me laugh every time I see it. Ah ha ha ha!

Anyhoo, that's my thought. But of course, in order to make this work, I'm going to need some questions. So if you've been wondering about the ABNA and all that went into it, drop me a line and lemme know. You can use my email or twitter account, both of which are located in the Contact section of this fine blog that you're on right now. I'll post answers sometime soon.

PS - Oh, and hey. If you're interested in entering the ABNA, or just seeing all its new fancy rules, you can find the info HERE.


  1. Alan,
    I've been getting questions from various people about ABNA and I got a great one yesterday from a skeptical writer wanting to know if it was worth it or if the contract was a "trap." I wrote him back, but maybe readers at large would want to know your humble opinion.

  2. There's nothing humble about my opinions. But it's on the list!

  3. Hi Alan, I enjoyed your excerpt very much last year. I think the book cover is great. Did you have any input for that? Have you ever self published before?What's it like getting published by a big pub?

  4. I'm throwing that on the question pile. Thanks, Dwight!